A PRIORI, 2019

From June 21 to July 28 2019, the Cēsis Exhibition House hosted the first Latvian Jewellery Art Associations exhibition «A priori». The concepts «a priori» and «a posteriori» are terms used in philosophy to distinguish two types of knowledge. The «a priori» knowledge is independent of experience. This was also the starting point for the first Latvian Jewellery Art Associations exhibition — the participants gathered, regardless of previous experience. Both recognized and well–known Latvian jewellery artists, as well as recent graduates, have joined together to show new works, designed especially for the exhibition «A priori» in Cēsis.

The Latvian Jewellery Art Association was founded at the beginning of 2018 to unite artists and designers working with jewellery and to implement ideas important for themselves and society. The Association aims to promote the exchange of information and experience in the industry, to organise events on the jewellery art and popularise the field both on the local and international level. They also wish to gather and preserve information, collaborate with educational institutions, students and teachers, attract financial support for projects in the jewellery field and cooperate with similar organisations. The participants of the «A priori» exhibition are ris Auniņš, nis Brants, Valdis Brože, Vladislavs Čistjakovs, Anna Fanigina, Ginta Grūbe, Andris Lauders, Guntis Lauders, Una Mikuda, Rasma Pušpure, Pēteris Ripa, Anita Savicka, Laura Selecka, Darja Semjonova, Jelizaveta Suska, Māris Šustiņš, Paula Treimane, Zane Vilka, nis Vilks and Maija VītolaZitmane.

The exhibition is organised by the Latvian Jewellery Art Association, curated by art historian Iliana Veinberga who is also the collection keeper at the Riga Porcelain Museum.

2019, 20th of June to 28th of July, Exhibition hall of city Cesis, Cesis, Latvia