Exhibition BIBLIOTECA VENEZIANA (“Venetian library” in Italian) took place in February 2020 in studio Claudia Coro’ in Venice during the Carnival, one of the most vibrant celebrations of the year. The installation of 20 symbolic books, which are flying in the air or floating during the floods, make the “Venetian library” consisting of jewelry with literary quotes about Venice. Jewelry is made of silver and photoceramics with architectural motives, but the main information carriers are elements made of red plexiglass, which creates the leitmotif of twenty writers and poets – Marcel Proust, Ivan Bunin, Paul Morand, Nikolay Gumilyov, Thomas Mann, Joseph Brodsky, George Gordon Byron, Jorge Luis Borges and others. All these fragments are united by one thing – love, admiration, astonishment and gratitude for this unique place called Venice.

2020, February 15th to February 29th, “Studio d’Arte Claudia Corò”, Venice, Italy