VERBA – (“words” in Latin) are the main source for inspiration to make jewellery, and each piece has an inscription in Latin. Latin with its meaningful and laconic ways of expression play a role in a peculiar “code” in the never-ending stream of messages to the humanity embedded on rings, earrings, and brooches…



Jewellery with stones from TERES collection (“rounded” in Latin) are like ancient messages polished by the ocean itself, carefully carried on shore; they are ready to make happy everyone who finds them. Special meaning of each piece can be discovered with Latin inscriptions – little mysteries written under the transparent lens of natural amethysts, aquamarines, topazes and rock crystals.



Little teddy bears have become universal favorites and great friends of humanity, suddenly finding themselves the heirs of the ancient cult of the bear, which existed in many cultures in the past. The collection URSIS (“bears” in Latin) – charming bear images, through which we can give away our feelings to our loved ones, reminding oneself of something important, be happy and gain support.



Once a year VERBA turns its hand to shiny faces of rock crystals, topazes, amethysts and tourmalines in order that we can shine together with them by the time the first snow comes. Latin phrases and sincere wishes that jewellery of the SPLENDOR (“luster”,”magnificence, “purity” in Latin) collection bears, can transform every precious stone in a magic crystal that descend into our arms. Yet this snowflake will not melt. It will cause joy with its play of light for a long time reminding of a miracle.



Faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love” – with this quotation from the First Epistle to the Corinthians by Paul the Apostle starts the jewelry line COMPOSITIO (“composition, union” in Latin). You can wear each jewelry of this line not just separately, but easely combine them with others, making your own accord from multicolored stones, ideas and concepts.Faith is symbolised by transparent rock chrystal, hope – by rose quartz and love – by red tourmaline.



Collection called RES (“things” in Latin) reinvents the ancient tradition of decorating everyday things with memorable, protective, glorifying or even comic inscriptions. This collection includes handmade water glasses, silver spoons and bookmarks, fully embodying the philosophy and aesthetics of the brand, where clean lines, refinement and usability of the form are combined with semantic fullness.



万里同風  (“one wind for a thousand miles” in Japanese). Collection by Latvian designer Anna Fanigina is dedicated to blooming sakura. Each jewelry embodies a blossom — flying in the wind, carrying a message in Japanese, Latin аnd Ancient Greek. As an antique metaphor of peace and harmony says, “One wind for a thousand miles” is blowing, banding different ages and cultures. All collection rings are handmade from silver and natural stones: rock crystals, topazes, rose quartzes.



ANALEMMA (“support in Ancient Greek) – is a magnificent figure simillar to the eternity sign that is made by the movement of the Sun during one year as you observe it from the same place in the same time. Solar discs of Analemma, when “projected” to the rings, are becoming personal suns that are illuminating its wearers everyday. The rings are made from silver, using not only natural stones but also red and pink organic glass that allows to make voluminous, but comfortable jewelry.


νεῶν κατάλογος

Every ring from collection νεῶν κατάλογος (“the catalogue of ships“ in Antient Greek) is like a ship, that could float away together with you or stay on your arm as a great friend, struggling against the waves of daily worries and aspirations. Each ring is branded with its own “watermark” – a phrase on Ancient Greek, quotation or just with some words on simple and proper things for all times – fair wind, strong canvas, courage, love and joy.



Special collection for fashion designer Lena Lumelsky. Collection REGICIDE is made in memory of six queens and princesses from different times in history, who were murdered: Anna Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey, Mary Stuart, Marie Antoinette, Sisi Elisabeth of Austria and Anastasia Romanova. Jewelry collection is inspired by letters, written not long before their death. Almost accidental words, written by hand of each of them, engraved on glass or silver, give us the possibility to “hear” this farewell whisper: love expression, parting words to dear ones, kisses, message about last presents, thoughts about eternal life.


BIBLIOTECA VENEZIANA (“Venetian library” in Italian) is a collection, where quotes from prose and poetry in French, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish and other languages about this city appear on the classic brand designs. Words dedicated to Venice by Marcel Proust, Ivan Bunin (Иван Бунин), Paul Morand, Nikolay Gumilyov (Николай Гумилев), Thomas Mann, Joseph Brodsky (Иосиф Бродский), Lord Bayron, Jorge Luis Borges and many others.



The idea of a collection TANGERE is born due to the brand designer’s Anna Fanigina’s long lasting love for tango. Tango (from „tangere” in Latin) means „to touch, to reach, to excite, to feel…” and although the genuine etymology to dance title is different, this beautiful coincidence suited very well for the name of collection and messages on the jewelry. Stones that complement the collection are transparent rock crystal (symbolizes sincerity), dark smoky quartz (concentration), rose quartz (tenderness) and garnet as thick as red wine (love).