ARCUS, 2018

ARCUS (“rainbow” in Latin) is a collection consisting of rings with gems of the most delicate shades. It is an attempt not only to fulfil the dream of bringing the rainbow closer and touching it, but also an opportunity to keep a colour beam of light on your hand. Featheriness and aeriality of the collection determined the choice of materials – organic glass and transparent natural gems, complete rejection of metal in the manufacture of jewellery. However, the designer retains her tradition to endow each ring with a phrase or word in ancient languages. This time in the form of engravings in both Latin and Ancient Greek. The rainbow that connects heaven and earth, the world above and the world of humans, in European beliefs is also often associated with the message of finding a treasure where it touches the earth. The “celestial ring” is divided into many individual rings, sparkling like drops of dew on the garments of Iris, the ancient Greek goddess of rainbow.

2018, October 6th to October 14th, Art Studio Larkina, Venice, Italy