L’AMOUR DE L’IMPOSSIBLE („Love for impossible”) 2012

“L’amour de l’impossible”  is a collection of silver brooches made by  employing photos, natural stones and vintage glass. Time itself has made antique glass precious, aside, used pieces of old jewelry are like quotes that make a connection with the aesthetics of our mothers and grandmothers’ brooches. In her jewelry collectionL’Amour De L’Impossible the author continues to explore themes of brooches as a special decoration that has “the right to invade” the fabric of our clothes and symbolizes a kind of vivid and poignant impression. At this time, those heightened senses and unique experiences are those that bring the art of ballet, constantly pushing the boundaries of the possible, causing a desire to “pin them into the heart” and take it with you, save it for a long time, share it with others and inspire yourself to the impossible. And “love the impossible” is the driving force that allows the unreal becomes real. The project was created parallel to the work on the ballet “Romeo and Juliet” directed by maestro Nacho Duato in collaboration with artist – photographer Yuri Molodkovets and timed to coincide with the premiere in the Mikhailovsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg (Ru).