Collection of earrings LIQUET ESSE DEAM / “it is clear that you are a goddess” is dedicated to the heroines of the frescoes Flora and Leda from Villa Arianna near Pompeii and Stabiae. The collection is named after a line from Ovid’s Metamorphoses — “O goddess (since it is not easy for me to say who you are, but it is clear you are a goddess) …”. These earrings are like secret wings calling you forward and giving a feeling of divine flight, lightness and joy typical of ancient art. Every woman wearing these earrings is destined to feel like a goddess in the good company of equally divine companions engraved on jewelry.  The creation of this collection was inspired by the designer’s work and direct contact with Roman fresco painting during the archaeological expedition to the Villa Arianna in Stabiae.

2022, October 14th to 16th, Auditorium di Mecenate, Rome, Italy
2020, October, 1st place in the International jewellery competition INSTRUMENTA DESIGN 2020, Venice Design Week, Venice, Italy