OMNIA MUTANTUR, NIHIL INTERIT (“Everything Changes, Nothing Is Truly Lost”) 2009

Sharp transformations – this is the main motif of the collection on transformations of things and feelings in the course of time. The collection of silver brooches with golden needles is displayed at the exhibition. Brooch as a symbol of lively soul impression, as a secret sensation attached to the heart, as a moment transformed into treasure.

The collection comprises old photos and reproductions of old decorations created anew. Jewels are displayed next to scratched glass taken from grandmother’s brooches or found at Murano beach, each of unique value – natural or acquired. Silhouettes of people, ships, pigeons, old and new, expensive and cheap – everything is combined into single glancing changeable flow.

The exhibition took place in gallery Putti, Riga, in February 2009.