VERBA designer Anna Fanigina describes the main idea of the ring collection CARPE DIEM (Eng. ”Seize the day”). This collection was specially made for Latvian Jewellery Art Association’s exhibition DIARY.


“One quick wish by VERBA”  video by Yulia Lanina @laninamood

Гостья программы “Зеленая лампа” на радио Baltkom — дизайнер украшений Анна Фаныгина. 13.11.2020


Project “Uno Come Nessuno” by Salvatore Macrì at the Associazione OROINCENTRI / Spazio MAGMALAB, Rome. Meeting with designer Anna Fanigina. 13.05.2019


Interview by Riccardo Soriano with VERBA designer Anna Fanigina in Rome, dedicated to the exhibition νεῶν κατάλογος (“Catalogue of Ships”). 08.09.2019


Venice Design Week 2017, exhibition ”Catalogue Of Ships” by VERBA designer Anna Fanigina


TV RIGA 24, ”Tete-a-Tete ar Rīgu”, 27.05.2017


“Vārds Dizainam IV”, 16.03.2016


VERBA – 10 gadi!


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